A Knight’s Tale (USA, 2001)

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if anything happened to her i’d die

if anything happened to her i’d die

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Sansa Stark meme: 1/10 scenes

“Sansa!” The boyish shout rang across the yard; Joffrey had seen her. “Sansa, here!”

He calls me as if he were calling a dog, she thought.

what I really love about this scene is that Sansa is trying to emotionally manipulate Joffrey into going to the most dangerous area of the fight. Don’t tell me she’s just a passive player, she picks her battles where she can and this is her shining moment of defiance. 

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Gilmore Girls Appreciation Week 2014 
Day 6: Favorite Quote(s)

Remind me to tell you about the time my mother wore a shirt with a rhinestone penis on it and my grandma had her car towed.

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high res request of oh, fuck it.: 1000px x 759px


high res request of oh, fuck it.1000px x 759px

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I squeeze my eyes shut and try to reach for him across the hundreds and hundreds of miles, to send my thoughts into his mind, to let him know he is not alone. But he is. And I can’t help him.

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Every time I watch this scene, I just wanna yell:

"Take of that ridiculous nightcap, put down the book and pork your wife!"

*reblogging again because I actually laughed out loud reading that*

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